Plant Care

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Easy, natural and safe to use.  Perfect for herb, veggie or any container garden. 

Nature's Source All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer



Ready-to-use blend with soil microbes.  Perfect for flower and perennial garden.

Fox Farm Happy Frog All Purpose 6-4-5 4 lbs Fertilizer


General insecticide. Kills spider mites, aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies, and other listed pests

Espoma Insect Soap 32oz Ready to Spray



Great all purpose for your container plants. It feeds both through the roots and the leaves.

Jack's All Purpose   20-20-20 1.5 lbs Fertilizer


Ready-to-use blend for use on all veggies, tomato varieties, soft fruits and berries.

Fox Farm Happy Frog Vegetable 5-7-3 4 lbs Fertilizer


Fungicide – miticide – insecticide. Kills egg, larvae & adult stages of insects.

Espoma Neem Oil 32oz Ready to Spray



Great for iron loving plants such as petunia and calibrachoa.

Jack's Petunia Feed 20-6-22 1.5 lbs Fertilizer


Effective, long lasting and environmentally friendly deer repellent spray.

Bobbex Deer Repellent 32oz Ready To Use Spray


Fungicide for flowers, fruits, & vegetables.  Great preventative for tomato blight.

Espoma Copper Fungicide 32oz Ready to Spray



Designed to  produce more flowers and brighter colors.

Jack's Bloom Booster 10-30-20 1.5 lbs Fertilizer


Effectively stops Rabbits, Groundhogs, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Voles and Deer.

Bobbex Animal Repellent 32oz Ready To Use Spray


Use around vegetables, shrubs, flowers & lawns.  Safe for wildlife and pets.

Espoma Slug and Snail 1.25 lbs


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Slow release fertilizer that works is perfect for the forgetful gardener!  Apply once per season. 

Jack's ClassiCote      15-8-23 2 lbs 



Dual purpose spray repellent that stops Deer and Insects from feeding on and damaging roses.

Bobbex Rose Protection 32oz Ready To Use Spray


Perfect for beautiful roses and other shrubs.  Long lasting, slow-release feeding.

Espoma Rose Tone 4  Fertilizer