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Hanging Basket Care

Updated: Jan 18

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of spring with a leisurely walk through our verdant greenhouse aisles. The sight of our abundant hanging baskets, brimming with life, will surely inspire you to bring one home to beautify your porch or embellish a shepherd's hook. To ensure that you're primed for a successful growing season, we've got a few essential tips for basket selection and care, spanning from the tender spring months to the sizzling heat of summer!

Location - Where are you hanging your basket?

Before you set foot in our garden shop, take a moment to think about where your basket will hang. Assess the amount of sunlight your chosen spot receives and at what time of the day. Typically, a northern exposure offers morning sun, while southern exposure basks in the afternoon sun. Don't forget to factor in any potential obstructions like trees or overhangs. It's always better to step outside and observe your space rather than leaving it to guesswork!

Some baskets thrive in partial sun, others in full sun. For sun-loving baskets to flourish, they need at least six hours of direct sunlight. Our most vibrant and sought-after baskets, which include Geraniums, Million Bells, and Petunias, are sun worshippers. Conversely, Begonias thrive wonderfully in partial to shady locations. We're here to assist you in selecting a basket that aligns perfectly with your sun exposure level!

Water - How much and when?

To gauge whether your hanging basket needs watering, simply lift it gently from underneath. The weight of the basket can tell you if it's thirsty. On cooler days or weeks, your hanging baskets may not require daily watering. Avoid adding water to already wet soil; it's crucial that plant roots dry out before their next watering. During the scorching summer spells, your baskets might need watering once or even twice daily.

We suggest using a water wand to save you the trouble of pulling down your baskets each time they need watering. Insert the wand deep inside the basket, avoiding the leaves or blooms, and continue until you see water seeping out from the bottom of the basket consistently.

If your basket's soil has dried out completely, appearing crumbly and cracked, you'll need to water it several times to rehydrate the soil so that the plants can absorb moisture again.

Fertilization - Absolutely Essential!

Plants require nutrients to grow and bloom throughout the growing season. There are various types of fertilizers, including water-soluble and slow-release ones. Water-soluble fertilizer is a powdered substance you mix with water and then feed your plants. In contrast, slow-release fertilizer is spread on top of the soil, gradually releasing nutrients whenever you water.

Deadheading and Pruning - How to keep your baskets looking the best?

Some flowers may need occasional deadheading to continue blooming, and all plants appreciate a good summer pruning. Always match your gardening ambitions with your hanging basket selection in spring! Luckily, many flowering plants found in hanging baskets are self-cleaning, meaning there's no need to pick off dead flowers.

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