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The Perfect Flowers for Mom

Mother’s Day and flowers are synonymous, at least for as long as we can remember! Presenting mom with a beautiful bouquet of flowers will no doubt brighten her day, but why not give her long-lasting annuals that will bloom all summer long, or perennials that will last years! Choose flowers that will have mom remembering you every time she looks at them. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect flowers for your mom!

Consider Where Mom Will Plant/Display Her Flowers

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting plants for mom is, you guessed it, location! Over the years, you’ve probably noticed where mom loves to plant her flowers, place her planters, or hang her baskets. But if she is new to gardening, take the time now to determine where mom’s flowers will be planted.

Will they receive more than four hours of sunlight a day, or will they be placed near the shade of a tree or hung under a porch overhang? It’s important to know how much sunlight and moisture the area will receive, which in turn will help you select the correct plants to use for that location. For instance, if mom wants a nice perennial for her sunny yard don't buy her a beautiful blue Hosta. Hostas are shade lovers and cannot tolerate full sun. Make sure the plants you choose for mom will thrive in the location she wants to place them.

Know Mom’s Gardening Style

Does mom have the time and ability to water the plants you plan to give her this year? Will she be able to water that hanging basket of fuchsias every day, hung high on her porch? Or deadhead those beautiful petunias she loves so much? When purchasing flowers for mom, make sure she can give them the care they need. If she’s busy and won’t be able to water regularly, purchase flowers that are more heat and drought tolerant. And if deadheading isn’t how mom prefers to spend her time, look for self-cleaning annuals that deadhead themselves. This way she won’t feel tied down to her beautiful Mother’s Day gift and will enjoy it even more!

Identify Mom’s Favorites Colors & Flowers

Let’s not forget one of the easiest factors when choosing flowers for mom, knowing her favorites! Her favorite flower or her favorite color are always the best ones to choose. And, with all of us wanting to solidify our favorite-child status, we will be sure to know mom’s favorite flower and color before purchasing her flowers.

Mothers are irreplaceable and they should be celebrated every single day. Flowers represent happiness and love, so they truly are the perfect gift for mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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